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Browse the Adriana B. and Peter N. Termaat collection collection

Adriana B. and Peter N. Termaat collection

Collection contains genealogical, personal, and family papers and photographs documenting the lives and interests of Adriana and Peter Termaat. The…

Browse the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Interviews collection

All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Interviews

The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was started by Philip Wrigley, owner of the Chicago Cubs, during World War II to fill the void…

Contributors: Smither, James
Boring, Frank

Browse the B'nai Israel Temple collection

B'nai Israel Temple

Collection of photographs, scrapbooks, programs, minutes, and other records of the Temple B'nai Israel in Muskegon, Michigan. The collection was…

Contributors: Preston, Marilyn, Grand Valley State University. Special Collections and University Archives

Browse the Civil War and Slavery Collection collection

Civil War and Slavery Collection

A selection of correspondence, diaries, official documents, photographs related to the American Civil War and to the institution of slavery, collected…

Browse the Connected Exhibit Interviews collection

Connected Exhibit Interviews

Collection of audio recordings and transcripts of Grand Valley State University students sharing their stories and experiences. The recordings were…

Contributors: Cadena, Cara; Schaub, Gayle; Frigo, Emily; Lubbers, Ellie; Fisher, Erin

Browse the COVID-19 Journals collection

COVID-19 Journals

This collection of journals and personal narratives was solicited from the GVSU community by archivists of the University Libraries during the events…

Browse the D. J. Angus Moving Pictures collection

D. J. Angus Moving Pictures

Indiana resident and entrepreneur, D. J. Angus produced an extensive photographic record of his work and travels throughout the U.S. and Mexico,…

Browse the D.J. Angus Photographs collection

D.J. Angus Photographs

An extensive photographic record of Angus’ work and travels throughout the U.S. and Mexico. The images of manmade and natural phenomenon often…

Browse the Decorated Publishers' Bindings collection

Decorated Publishers' Bindings

From the early 1870s to roughly 1930, many publishers issued their commercial book covers with a remarkable variety of graphic designs and…

Browse the Flying Tigers Interviews collection

Flying Tigers Interviews

Interviews with members of the American Volunteer Group (AVG) “Flying Tigers” conducted by Frank Boring for the documentary film Fei Hu: The Story…

Contributors: Fei Hu Films
Christopher, Frank

Browse the Fore-Edge Paintings collection

Fore-Edge Paintings

A fore-edge painting is a miniature watercolor executed on the fanned edge or edges of a book; when the book is closed the art disappears, now hidden…

Browse the Grand Rapids Oral Histories collection

Grand Rapids Oral Histories

Taped and transcribed interviews conducted in the early 1970s primarily of the children and grandchildren of many of the founders of Grand Rapids,…

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