Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club collection

Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club

Unidentified 8-man crew boat racing before a large crowd in the background. In the foreground, a bouy holds a flag with a large circle in the center.
Two Rowing Clubmates with Oars

Alfred Davies, Junior Single, with Harold Hartwick, Junior Double, posing with their oars in the grass. In the background, a building and chair.
Oarman in Single Event

Herbert Heinrich in single rowboat. In the background, a docked doubles rowboat with male spectator on left side.
4-Crew+Cox Boat Racing

Unidentified 4-man crew boat racing with 3 other bpats visible. Trees in the background, open water in the foreground.
4-man Crew Boat in Water

4-man crew in the water with James Stewart at the bow, Herbert Heinrich in 2nd position, John T. Jans at 3rd, and John C. Spaulding on stroke.
Cadillac Boat Club Junior Eight

8-man crewboat with cox in the water before a dock with 3 spectator boats and a few spectators in the background. Herbert Heinrich at the bow, John Spaulding on 2nd, J. Walters on 3rd, E. Heinz on 4th, W. Garsztecki on 5th, John Jans (Captain) on…
Seven Double Chicago

A. C. K. Johnson on stoke and R. H. A. Green at the bow in a doubles event on a double-sculls boat. Shoreline with trees in the background.
Junior "8" Crew Chicago

8-man crewboat in the water with a grassy shoreline in the background. H. E. Schumacher on stroke, H. C. Carlson on the bow, Bill Corbat on cox, with a crew of H. Templeman, W. J. McClure, R. E. Camfield, F. W. Grosspeter, R. R. Roberts, and O. N.…
Coxed Fours Crewboat in Water

Unidentified 4-man crewboat in the water, with the cox position empty. In the foreground, two men standing on nearby dock. A shoreline with trees in the background.
8-man Crew+Cox Portrait

Unidentified 8-man crew with cox posing for portrait in front of a multi-storey house. All wearing matching "D" Tanks.
Grand Rapids Winning 8 Race

In the background, three racing 8-crew boats, with open water in the foreground. Two X marks drawn in pencil beneath the boats.
Portrait of James Wray, Coach

Portrait on black background of coach James Wray. Written on the back: "James Wray. Coach. Grand Rapids Boat + Canoe Club. Save and return to H. H. Conlon."

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Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club collection


Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club


Scrapbooks of newsclippings, photographs, postcards, and ephemera of the Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club. Photos were taken at regattas on Reeds Lake; the Grand River; Peoria, Illinois; and in Chicago of club members, and events. Historical articles, reports of regatta events, and articles featuring members Charles McQuewan and Jack Corbett are included. Programs include the First Grand Regatta on Great Salt Lake 1888, and Peoria Rowing Festival, and banquet and music programs and the GR Log, a publication of the Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club. Materials from the Central States Amater Rowing Association, and the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen are also included.


circa 1980s to 1940s


Grand Rapids (Mich.)
Outdoor recreation
Boats and boating
Racing shells


Grand Valley State University Libraries



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