D. J. Angus Moving Pictures

Arizona. Arizona Drive, 1932

Drive through Arizona. 16mm film shot by D.J. Angus while on a trip in 1932. [3:38]
Arizona. Petrified Forest, 1932

The Petrified Forest National Park is located in Navajo and Apache counties in northeastern Arizona. It became a national monument in 1906 and in 1962 was declared a national park. It is famous for its fossils, especially of fallen trees. 16mm film…
Arizona. Roosevelt Dam, 1932

Roosevelt Dam is on the Salt River, northeast of Phoenix, Arizona. Construction began in 1903 and was completed in 1911. It was officially named after Theodore Roosevelt in 1959, and became a historic landmark in 1963. 16mm film shot by D.J. Angus…
Arizona. Tuba City, 1932

Tuba City is located in Coconino County, Arizona. It is located within the Painted Desert. Directly to the southeast is the Hopi town of Moenkopi. The city is within 50 miles of Grand Canyon National Park.
Colorado. Mesa Verde, 1932

Mesa Verde National Park is located in Montezuma County, Colorado. It was established as a national park on June 29, 1906 to protect the cliff dwellings built by the Anasazi. It was designated a World Heritage Site on September 6, 1978. 16mm film…
Colorado. Royal Gorge, 1933

Royal Gorge is a 10-mile-long canyon through Fremont Peak on the Arkansas River near Cañon City, Colorado.
Colorado. Western Trip (Part 1)

Western Trip. Unidentified areas.
Colorado. Western Trip (Part 2)

Western Trip. Wolf's Creek Pass and unidentified areas.
Florida. Alligators, 1931

Alligators in pens. 16mm film shot by D.J. Angus while on a family trip to Florida in 1931. [0:27]
Florida. Bradenton-St. Petersburg Ferry, 1935

Film of the Bradenton-St. Petersburg Ferry. 16mm film shot by D.J. Angus while on a family trip in 1935. [0:06]
Florida. Florida. St. Petersburg from Goodyear blimp, 1932

St. Petersburg, Florida area taken from the Goodyear blimp, Reliance. 16mm film shot by D.J. Angus while on a family trip in 1932. [3:42]
Florida. Gandy Bridge, 1931

The Gandy Bridge spanned upper Tampa Bay from St. Petersburg to Tampa, Florida. At the time it was completed in 1924, it was the longest automobile toll bridge in the world. It was dismantled in 1975. 16mm film shot by D.J. Angus while on a family…

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D. J. Angus Moving Pictures


Angus, Donald James (D. J.)


Indiana resident and entrepreneur, D. J. Angus produced an extensive photographic record of his work and travels throughout the U.S. and Mexico, during the late 1920s -1940s. Over 12,000 ft. 16mm movie film from 1931-1935 documents Angus' family, friends, business, and travels to Florida, Niagara Falls, Michigan and Indiana, the Smoky Mountains, and throughout the North and Southwest, and Mexico.





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