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  • Text: it there! Went to college at UCLA. Met my husband at a camp. Moved to Muskegon, because that's where his job took him, and love the people—I love—sometimes I say I wish I could do a Brigadoon, which is take the whole town of Muskegon—the musical—and just float
Anna Alpert (Audio interview and transcript), 2018

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  • Text: the Hebrew from the prayer book, I can't participate fully. And the songs, the music, everything it's all based on Hebrew. That is our language, and it's the language of Israel. So I really am enjoying that part of it. Now I can pick out the letters, and some
Beatie Koolovitz (Audio interview and transcript), 2018

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  • Text: being a rabbi, and then considered being a cantor, because music is his life. And I am just so happy to have Temple B'nai Israel. We struggle. It's a small congregation now. At one time it had 150 members, and now we're down to 40. But as a dear friend
Fran Boyden (Audio interview and transcript), 2018