AVG Flying Tigers, circa 1941



AVG Flying Tigers, circa 1941


Film taken by American Volunteer Group (AVG) 1st Squadron Crew Chief Chuck Misenheimer, wtih color and black and white sections (no sound). The footage, dated circa 1941, documents the training and flight activities of the American Volunteer Group (AVG) "Flying Tigers," servicemen organized by the U.S. Government to aid in the defense of China during the Second Sino-Japanese war.

Time-stamped scene list: 00:00 Rural area in China. Small village and Chinese people. 01:00 Chinese children gathering around AVG car. Water mill. AVG shooting guns. 1:32 Chinese workers rolling runway in Kunming. A two-pilots fighter airplane on ground. Dolan and other (McClure?)on air field. Landing airplanes. P-40 #13, #12, #33 and others on ground. 02:48 Snuffy Smith and Chinese crew with P-40 #93 of Hell's Angel on ground. Close-up of Hell's Angel insignia. 03:15 Adam and Eve insignia on P-40 #13. Chinese worker and pilots at airport eating lunch. Landing bomber planes. Train coming in. Chinese worker at airport. View of Kunming Lake. Misenheimer on mountain top. 05:07 P-40 #6 and #24 taxiing. Cross in cockpit of P-40. P-40 #13, #33 and others taking off from Kunming airfield. 06:12 Crashed Wright's P-40 on fire. AVG's Carney, Dean, Neale, Burguard talking in front of P-40 in Kweilin. Close-up of Bob Neale. A dog in water. Airplane parts. View of desert field. Bomb holes on the ground. 08:07 An AVG at repairing area in Kunming. J.J. Harrington standing by truck. Rodewald and others on truck. Hoffman walks to camera. Landing P-40. 09:36 An AVG sitting by remaining shot guns and engines of shot down plane in Kweilin. AVG's on Chow line (Schiel, Bright and others) in Kweilin. 11:03 Japanese hostage Honda with Harrington, Bond, Snuffy Smith, Bartling, Burguard, Bob Neale, Olson, Rossi, Rosbert and Chinese soldier in Kweilin. 11:20 Close-up of Honda. Close-up of bullet holes on a plane. Bomber airplane #74 and AVG. 12:50 Crashed airplane. Cars destroyed by air raid. Bombing in Yunnanyi. 14:00 P-40 and Jim Cross on Kunming airfield. A building on fire. Crew working on three bombs on the wing of P-40E. P-40E takes off. 15:05 Training airplanes. Chinese pilots. 16:03 Doc Rich on truck on Kunming airfield. Musgrove and other AVG's standing around truck. Name plate of Uebele and Misenheimer's room. 16:30 Misenheimer with a kitten and dogs at Kunming hostel #2. 17:24 Kitten. AVG with Kitten and dog. Kitten killing a dog. 19:00 Flying and landing training planes in Kunming. 20:00 Flying P-40. Landing US P-40E. 20:40 Cargo airplane 'Available Jones'. Chinese soldiers. Two-pilots fighters and biplanes take off and fly in the sky. 22:10 Destroyed British plane. Airplanes and a crowd of people around it. Fox and Overley by a passenger plane. American soldiers standing by plane. People wait to get into plane. 22:30 Crashed CNAC airplane. 25:00 Misenheimer on a truck. Kenner and other by AVG red cross car. 25:30 Chinese people running away from a town (Kunming air raid). People in shelters.


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Misenheimer, Charles V., “AVG Flying Tigers, circa 1941,” Digital Collections, accessed September 30, 2023, https://digitalcollections.library.gvsu.edu/document/53316.
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