P-40 Flying Tigers, circa 1941



P-40 Flying Tigers, circa 1941


Film taken by American Volunteer Group (AVG) 1st Squadron Crew Chief Chuck Misenheimer, wtih color and black and white sections (no sound). The footage, dated circa 1941, documents the training and flight activities of the American Volunteer Group (AVG) "Flying Tigers," servicemen organized by the U.S. Government to aid in the defense of China during the Second Sino-Japanese war.

Time-stamped scene list: 00:00 AVGs. P-40s and bomber airplanes. Kunming hostel #1. AVG picnic. City of Rangoon and temples. 03:00 Misenheimer and other AVGs sightseeing in Rangoon. More Rangoon temples. 05:40 Pre-teeth P-40s (#10 and others). AVGs with bicycle around P-40 in Toungoo. Flying P-40. 06:00 Uebele and Kenner talk on P-40. P-40 #5, #9, #4, and others taxing, taking off.and flying in the sky. Workers at airfield. 06:50 Two AVGs in front of P-40 #10. Misenheimer comes down from P-40. An AVG working on wheel of P-40. 07:05 Locke, Wylie, other AVG's and workers under a tent. AVGs sightseeing. 07:35 People carrying a load on a street. Boats on a river. 08:30 AVG trucks and jeeps. Two AVGs or British by AVG truck. Bomber airplanes. 10:02 A man and a woman (AVG?) with a dog. P-40 being repaired. Prop specialists working on propellers of P-40 at Kunming airbase. 11:00 Burma road. AVG trucks. 11:55 An AVG truck driver closes door and looks out window. View of road and mountains. 12:35 Trucks and cars on Burma Road. 13:13 Truck stops once, back up and turns hairpin curve on Burma Road. 13:55 Stacked truck on winding road. Mountain view. 14:35 Truck convoy at a sign of Rasio-Mandalay. 15:00 London 6372 miles sign. 15:05 Truck convoy goes through a Chinese city. Street scene. Children play on street. Rickshaws. 16:30 Market in a Chinese city. Parks.


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