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The term incunabula refers to books printed between 1450 and 1500, approximately the first fifty years following the invention, by Johann Gutenberg of…

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Connected Exhibit Interviews

Collection of audio recordings and transcripts of Grand Valley State University students sharing their stories and experiences. The recordings were…

Contributors: Cadena, Cara; Schaub, Gayle; Frigo, Emily; Lubbers, Ellie; Fisher, Erin

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Grand Valley Media

Collection of digitized audio and video from the Grand Valley State University Archives. The collection includes ceremonies, speeches, sports,…

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All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Interviews

The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was started by Philip Wrigley, owner of the Chicago Cubs, during World War II to fill the void…

Contributors: Smither, James
Boring, Frank

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Insel-Bücherei Series

The German publishing company Insel Verlag was founded in 1899 by Anton Kippenberg in Leipzig. In its early years the firm only printed expensive,…

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Our State of Generosity

Collection contains the records of four Michigan nonprofit organizations: Council of Michigan Foundations, Michigan Nonprofit Association, Michigan…

Contributors: Council of Michigan Foundations; Michigan Nonprofit Association; Michigan Community Service Commission

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Veterans History Project

The Library of Congress established the Veterans History Project in 2001 to collect memories, accounts, and documents of U.S. war veterans from World…

Contributors: Smither, James
Boring, Frank

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Decorated Publishers' Bindings

From the early 1870s to roughly 1930, many publishers issued their commercial book covers with a remarkable variety of graphic designs and…

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The Pine Tree in Michigan

The Pine Tree in Michigan depicts the drama of Michigan's pine woods in twenty-four block prints carved by the artist from his original sketches.

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Fore-Edge Paintings

A fore-edge painting is a miniature watercolor executed on the fanned edge or edges of a book; when the book is closed the art disappears, now hidden…

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GVSU Concert & Event Posters

Division of Student Services provides programs, services, and environments that enhance the personal, social, and intellectual growth of undergraduate…

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U.S.S. Michigan Memorabilia

The name U.S.S. Michigan has been shared by 3 vessels in the United States Navy. The first U.S.S. Michigan was the Navy's first iron-hulled warship…