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One leaf from Casus summarii Decretalium Sexti et Clementinarum by Michael de Dalen. Printed in Basel by Michael Wenssler on August 25, 1479. Illustrated with red rubricated initials. [GW M23131; ISTC im00532000]
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Elegantiarum Vinginta Praecepta, printed in Paris by Michel Le Noir on August 16, 1493. Octavo. [GW0029405N]
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Indulgentia 1482 by Johannes Kaufmann. Printed in Bamberg by Johann Sensenschmidt circa 1482. Letter of indulgence for promoting the war against the Turks. Major fragment containing 18 of 21 lines. Broadside. [ISTC cik00008200, GW M16234]
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Confessio brevis et utilis by Confessionale. Printed in Rome by Bartholomaeus Guldinbeck circa 1485. [ISTC ic00804300]
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Confessional [Italian] by Michael de Carcano. Printed in Venice by Johannes Hamman circa 1490. Octavo. [ISTC ic00190800, GW0612205N]
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De eucharistia ad modum decem praedicamentorum by Thomas Aquinas. Printed in Cologne by Heinrich Quentell circa 1500. Quarto. [ISTC it00297000]
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Stella clericorum, printed in Deventer by Richardus Pafraet on November 27, 1494. Quarto. [ISTC is00778000]
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Sphaera mundi by Johannes de Sacro Busto. Printed in Venice by Bonetus Locatellus for Octavianus Scotus on October 4, 1490. Quarto. [ISTC ij00409000]
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De coniuratione Catilinae by Gaius Sallustius Crispus. Printed in Deventer by Jacobus de Breda not before November 16, 1492. Quarto. [ISTC is00088550]
Go to Speculum de honestate vitae. octo puncta perfectionis assequendae. item page

Speculum de honestate vitae, octo puncta perfectionis assequendae, by Bernardus Claravallensis. Printed in Rome by Stephen Plannck circa 1485. Quarto. [ISTC ib00444000]
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De excidio Troiae historia by Dares Phrygius. Printed in Rome by Stephan Plannck circa 1488. Quarto. [ISTC id00042000]
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Flores astrologiae by Albumasar. Printed in Venice by Johannes Baptista Sessa circa 1500. Quarto. [ISTC ia00358000]
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