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  • Text: turntables, speakers, and recording equipment so that when they were at sea, they could listen to music, mainly rock and roll records (00:18:48:00) o When they pulled into port at Formosa, the records were a dime an album and the men came to Wykstra to play
Wykstra, James (Interview outline and video), 2011

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  • Text: and that was mostly the source for girls. I don’t know how many fellows took it but he went on to Central Michigan then and got his degree for teaching and math and music. And when he went to be in high school for his first job, I went with him for first grade, So
Garner, Gerald (Interview transcript and video), 2017

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  • Text: in Sturgis, but also played music -Died on Christmas Eve when Marshall was seven years old -Everybody was poor during the Great Depression -Made do with what they had -Mother remarried in 1933 -Moved to Benton Harbor, Michigan -Got along well with the black
Doak, Marshall (Interview outline and video), 2015