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  • Text: they could go to the nearby villages • They sat around, listened to music, and would go to the club where they would have entertainment • Got to see the Bob Hope show that held at his camp • Mostly they worked and slept because they worked 12 hour days (06:36
Dells, Glen (Interview outline and video), 2007

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  • Text: Living conditions (10:08)  When not on duty on weekends, Frederick liked to relax, sleep, and listen to music. (10:47)  Briefly discusses what sorts of pranks he pulled while in the service. (10:58) o Describes what he thought of various officers
Frederick, James (Interview outline and video), 2008

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  • Text: to the death of his grandfather and grandmother. (34:46) He received no special awards or honors for his duty. (35:36) Approx. every month there was a USO show. (35:47) Most shows had 5-7 people in the shows. (36:16) The shows varied in content from music
Broek, Douglas (Interview outline and video), 2011