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Roger Talmadge started college at the University of Maryland in the fall of 1967. He attended college while also working at Fort Holabird. Roger was promoted to major in 1968. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in computer science in June 1969. Roger was then transferred to Frankfurt, Germany in 1969 to take charge of Army Security there. He remained in Germany until July 1971. Roger and his wife Charlotte created a travel company while in Germany that they called ‘The Red Bull Express.’ They traveled throughout Europe with soldiers and their families via the travel agency. Roger was sent to do a second tour in Vietnam in July 1971. He was stationed in Saigon, Vietnam and worked at the United States Agency for International Development in management. He left Vietnam in July 1972. While in Vietnam, he was engaged in various projects throughout the country, including rescuing Vietnamese orphans during an Easter offensive early in 1972.
Talmadge, Roger (Interview transcript and video, part 3), 2017

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  • Text: did, ordered up some lieutenant general—I don’t know who it was—and he came in to give a talk. And so, we had some music, we had a guy give a little introductory introduction and prayer, we had another guy get up and offer another prayer in Hebrew. Sing some more. And then he was ...
Talmadge, Roger (Interview transcript and video, part 4), 2017