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  • Text: of the flowers of the field, of the blue skies of heaven, of the solemn music of the fresh, of the flights of the birds, he inhaled the oxygen of freedom, and the instincts of humanity were slowly refined into that broad and comprehensive patriotism which ranged
Essay on Abraham Lincoln by Norman D. Sampson

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  • Text: ” will be filled to minimum. Commissary stores sent up by R. Road at the same time as far as to within miles of here. Visited negro soldier at Mr. Poindexter’s and made a note of disability on account of Rheumatism on his pass which had expired.— Had some music
John Bennitt Civil War Diary, volume 2
This diary is one of three kept by physician John Bennitt of Centreville, Michigan describing his experience as a Civil War surgeon for the 19th Michigan Infantry Regiment. The first volume (Sept. 1, 1863-Jan. 26, 1864) details Bennitt's stay at camps in Murfreesboro and as head of the General Hospital in McMinnville, Tennessee. The volume focuses on medical conditions treated, medicines prescribed, surgery performed (including amputations), and the progress of patients. Other entries describe his daily routine, living conditions, weather, correspondence, attendance at bible class, and occasional war news. The last pages of the volume includes an account of letters written and received with names of correspondents and dates.
John Bennitt Civil War diary, volume 1

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  • Text: on Surg n Trenor and saw Dr. Clymer there. 39 The latter says there will be a purveying Depot at Charleston. Called on Dr. Hawks Mr. & Mrs. Morse & Mr. Pillsbury, 40 & remain overnight—have some music and cards. Friday, March 24, 1865 Fair & cool with wind
John Bennitt Civil War Diary, volume 3