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  • Description: including Interlochen Music Camp, YMCA and Toledo Junior League.
  • Text: them (10:30) Interlochen music camp sponsor scholarships, a building in his grandmother’s name (11:30) what he sees for the future generations (12:20) How board members contribute to their community, help family members do their own philanthropy (13:45
Conversation with Carol Morley-Beck and Robert and Sue Morley

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  • Text: (14:00) Discuss the family connection with the foundation (16:00) They describe their father, Louis Upton (20:00) Woods gives money to Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina. Steve Upton gives money to Interlochen Music Camp in Michigan (26:00
Conversation with Priscilla Byrns, Stephen Upton, David Upton, and Sylvia Wood

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  • Text: the same for over 100 years; it is a music center with 800 or more young people involved (15:00) New Horizons band is successful around the country; St. Sicilia Center has grown and bringing out great performances (16:30) They discuss the ballet which
Conversation with Charles and Stella Royce