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  • Subject: Music festivals
  • Text: KK: Yeah. RF: Pretty, quite open at that time. EG: So you could hear? You could hear music and…. RF: I could, yes, yeah, not really well but some, yeah. EG: Yeah. RF: And prior to that it was a stock car track, a little dirt stock car track and there was uh, um, uh, auto racing there.
Raymond Foster (Audio interview and transcript), 2018

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  • Description: In her interview, Nancy remembers a massive influx of college aged people on holiday weekends in the 1960s. Nancy also recounts attending the 1968 music festival that was held in Douglas.
  • Text: ... was very interesting, there were a lot of drugs, lot of smoking, um, people were just enjoying themselves, lots of dancing, music was great! You know, it was a beautiful day, didn’t rain so it was very very nice…. NN: That makes a big difference when you were in a field, right? NC: Yes...
Nancy Crean (Audio interview and transcript), 2018