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  • Text: to the, uh, to the bar there 7:52 TR: Yeah 7:53 DN: almost to the bar there. 7:54 TR: Did they have music there? 7:55 DN: Have what? 7:56 TR: Did they have music or-- 7:58 DN: Oh yeah 7:58 TR: --any kind of entertainment 7:59 DN: They had
Duane Newmeyer (Audio interview and transcript), 2018

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  • Text: sold laughter and laughter became our identity. So, when people would come to town and say, we have to go to that store it’s the one with the legs, we gotta, it’s just crazy. Come in, the music’s loud but its fun and we used to have people stand in line
Neil Atherton (Audio interview and transcript), 2018