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  • Text: : watching movies, internet cafes, listening to music, video games, pranks, working out. -Making use of the limited things available. -Being part of the supplies crew he was able to direct exercise supplies to further remote bases with less options. -Family
Owens, Philip James (Interview outline and video), 2015

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  • Text: got back o Threw a big celebration for him upon his return (24:20) Training for the Army • Was a college music major and joined the National Guard Band o Also trained in combat • In college joined the ROTC program to be an officer; wanted to be a pilot
Bates, Jonathan Richard (Interview outline and video), 2007

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  • Text: slept and listened to classical music to drown out the aircraft noise -Able to Skype his family once a week -Chance to let them know that he was okay and how life was in Iraq (00:52:19) Returning to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point -Left Iraq
Mol, Jacob (Interview outline and video), 2015