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  • Text: ?” Oh yeah, both of them played. Well Janet was more interested in music which she was a good ball player but my youngest daughter was an excellent ball player and she’s a phys ed teacher today. She was an excellent, she could have made the, actually
Westerman, Joyce (Interview outline and video), 2010
Lois Youngen was born in a small town in Ohio in 1933. She grew up playing baseball with boys from her town, and played on a boys' team for several years before switching to a girls' softball team while in high school. She learned about the All American League while visiting a relative in Fort Wayne in 1950. She joined the league the next year and played for Fort Wayne, Kenosha and South Bend as a catcher and outfielder until the league folded in 1954. She used the money she earned as a player to go to college, and eventually earned a doctorate in Physical Education and taught at the University of Oregon.
Youngen, Lois (Interview transcript and video), 2010