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  • Text: ...yed volleyball and softball and then I coached at the college area she was in, close to Kenosha. And she, Janet went on into music. (38:58) Interviewer: “Okay, back when you were playing in the league, did any you think about what you were doing as sort of pioneering? Or doing new thing...
Westerman, Joyce (Interview outline and video), 2010
Lois Youngen was born in a small town in Ohio in 1933. She grew up playing baseball with boys from her town, and played on a boys' team for several years before switching to a girls' softball team while in high school. She learned about the All American League while visiting a relative in Fort Wayne in 1950. She joined the league the next year and played for Fort Wayne, Kenosha and South Bend as a catcher and outfielder until the league folded in 1954. She used the money she earned as a player to go to college, and eventually earned a doctorate in Physical Education and taught at the University of Oregon.
Youngen, Lois (Interview transcript and video), 2010