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  • Text: millinery dream and discover his total solitude, his fundamental isolation. He must realize that, like a gypsy, he lives on the boundary of an alien world, a world that is deaf to his music, and as indifferent to his hopes as it is to his sufferings or his
Life's Deepest Questions Before the Mystery of God

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  • Text: was defined and understood, all the while still speaking of Mystery. Thank God, once defined, the dogma of the Trinity did not preclude experience, and with religious practice – liturgy, prayers, music, sacramental observance – God still was alive in the lives
The Trinity: The Heart Has Reasons

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  • Text: no longer come differently: the advent of nihilism. This history can be related even now; for necessity itself is at work here. This future speaks even now in a hundred signs, this destiny announces itself everywhere; for the music of the future all ears
Present to the Presence - Living with Awareness of God in Whom We Trust