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  • Text: ...ride his bike home • He woke up the next day on the road next to his bike (43:50) Entertainment • There were dancing and music entertainers; Bob Hope and Joan Stafford • They made friends with some of the locals and Ernest was invited to a wedding ceremony • He was able to go to Sco...
Nunley, Ernest (Interview outline and video), 2005

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  • Text: ...(4:45) School • • • • He lived near the city and went to a larger elementary school, which he walked to He was into music and played the drums and also sang In high school he loved football and also ran in track He hated school and did not like to study; he got bad grades (10:40) ...
Warner, Frank (Interview outline, video, and papers), 2005

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  • Text: ...tmas of 1945 he went to Garmsich, which had hosted the 1936 Olympics. • (53:43) While in Munich, he heard beautiful string music. He and other Americans came across a church, and looked inside. They were greeted by angry stares of elderly Germans, who probably assumed they had bombed the ...
Lamb Jr., Lawrence (Bill) (Interview outline, video, and papers), 2008