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  • Text: games on Sunday, but we stayed in different hotels and met different people. I remember in Michigan, Battle Creek, when these fellas would carry our luggage to the hotel, you know from the bus into and up to our rooms, we played music because we liked
Gascon, Eileen "Ginger" (Interview transcript and video), 2010

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  • Text: I guess since I was able to walk. My daddy—we had two boys, but he made a tomboy out of me. My brothers were into music and stuff like that, so I started playing ball from the time I was a tiny thing I guess. I’d say about ten or somewhere around
Denoble, Jerre (Interview transcript and video), 2010

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  • Text: ?” Oh yeah, both of them played. Well Janet was more interested in music which she was a good ball player but my youngest daughter was an excellent ball player and she’s a phys ed teacher today. She was an excellent, she could have made the, actually
Westerman, Joyce (Interview outline and video), 2010