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  • Description: ...Dave Pugh was born in Lansing, Michigan in 1961. Dave was in college during the aftermath of Vietnam, studying music and teaching. He enlisted into the military to be a part of the National Guard Band. He went to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for Basic Training. After AIT training he went to...
  • Text: ...1961 (00:23) His family moved when he was two years old to Grand Rapids, Michigan During high school he was very involved in music (00:34) o He enjoyed the music, the interaction, and the friends When he went to college, he decided to take some music classes (00:51) o He e...
Pugh, Thomas Dave (Interview outline and video), 2011

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  • Text: ...after the Air Force -Worked at a variety of short term jobs after he completed his time in the Air Force -Worked at Voice of Music in Benton Harbor, Michigan -Continued his work with electronics there -Got a job at Lear Siegler Aerospace Research Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan -Worked the...
Corbett, James (Interview outline and video), 2013