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  • Text: 00:40:58 (DJ): Currently, I’m on the board of the Grand Rapids Symphony, I’ve always enjoyed classical music, also the Princeton Theological Seminary. I’ve continued on the board of the Kellogg Foundation, and the Kellogg Company. Over the years, I’ve had many different interests.
Johnson, Dorothy A., video interview and transcript
Russ Mawby discusses his youth on a fruit farm and involvement with 4H and the Boy Scouts, his agricultural studies at Michigan State and Purdue Universities, and his military service in the US Army. He reflects on the history of the Kellogg family, the Kellogg Company, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and his work as CEO of the W.K. Foundation. He details efforts of the Foundation in Michigan and abroad, his involvement with the Council on Foundations and the Foundation Center, and his work developing the Council of Michigan Foundations, Michigan Nonprofit Association, Michigan Community Service Commission, and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy. He concludes with reflections on the initiatives that have given him the most pride, and those that still need the most work.
Mawby, Russell G. video interview and transcript