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Search Tips

Keyword Search

Keyword search looks for any or all of the words you type anywhere in the full-text of the item or its descriptive information (title, source, etc.)  Items that contain all the words you type will appear first in the search results, and items containing fewer words will appear farther down in the list.

Keyword search ignores all words of three letters or less.

Boolean Search

Boolean search uses the following conventions:

Plus Sign

A plus sign (+) before  a word means the word must appear in the items returned (boolean AND)

Words without a leading operator will be optional (the word may appear in the item, but does not have to).


+apple +banana

Find items with the words "apple" and "banana" somewhere in the item.  Both words must appear for the item to match.

apple +banana

The word "banana" must be in the item.  The word "apple" is optional (but items that have both words will appear higher in the search results)

apple banana

The item must have either the word apple, the word banana, or both.  Equivalent to boolean OR.

Minus Sign

A minus sign (-) before a word means items containing that word are excluded from the search (boolean NOT).


+apple -banana

Find all items containing the word apple but not the word banana.

Quotation Marks

Quotation marks ("") around a phrase will match the phrase exactly as typed.


"Find this phrase"

Returns all items with the exact phrase "find this phrase"


An asterisk (*) at the end of a word matches all words that have a similar beginning (truncation).



Will match any item that has the words poem, poetry, poetaster, poetic, etc.


Exact Match Search

Searches for the words you type in exactly as you type them.


Advanced Search

The advanced search box searches for any words you type in as a phrase, exactly as you type them.

This search is the only way to search within a collection.  Put in your search as normal then limit the search to a specific collection using the drop-down menu.

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