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Paris, printed by Michel Le Noir, 1493. Octavo. [GW0029405N]
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Rome : Bartholomaeus Guldinbeck, 1485. Quarto. [ISTC ic00804300, GW 7345]
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Folium 4 from Hortus sanitatis printed in Strassburg by Johann Pruss, not after 21 Oct. 1497. [GW13550]
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Folium 206 [c2] from Biblia latina printed in Ulm by Johann Zainer, not after 29 Jan. 1480. Illustrated on both sides. [GW4242]
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Folim 96 [i10] from Rudimentum novitiorum printed in Lubeck by Lucas Brandis 5 Aug. 1475 Illustrated with red rubricated initals. [GWM39062]
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Folium from Biblia [German] printed in Nuremberg by Anton Koberger, 1483. Illustrated with red and blue rubricated initials. [GWM4303] Folium was used to bind Barnasoles Claravallensis [A44].
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Folium "Agaricus/dannen swam," printed in Mainz by Peter Schoeffer in 1485. Illustrated with colored woodcuts and red rubricated initials. [ISTC ig00097000]
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Folium 170, printed in Cologne by Johann Koelhoff, the Younger, 23 Aug. 1499. Illustrated with colored woodcut. [ISTCic00476000]
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Folium from Decisiones Rotae Romanae, printed in Rome by Georgius Teutonicus and Sixtus Riessinger in 1483. [ISTC id00112000]
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Folium B8 (510) from Biblia Latina, printed in Venice by Paganinus de Paganinis on 18 Apr. 1495. [ISTC ib00608000]
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Folium s3 from Biblia Latina, printed in Strassburg by Johann (Reinhard) Gruninger on 26 apr. 1497. Illustrated with red rubricated initials. [ISTC ib00600000]
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Folium s1 from Biblia Latina, printed in Basel by Johann Froben on 27, Oct. 1495. [ISTC ib00598000]
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