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Black and white photograph of a woman in a white dress and white hat sitting on the sand at what appears to be the summit of Mt. Baldhead in Saugatuck, Michigan. She is stylishly posed with a view overlooking the trees, the water, and the towns of…
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Photograph of a trio of people standing in shallow water next to their sailboat with "The Gold Bug" written at the bottom of the picture. Two individuals are bent over reaching into the sailboat, while another stands off to the side with their foot…
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Black and white photograph of a couple sailing upon a small sailboat in Saugatuck. The writing at the bottom of the photograph reads "Tuckers Boat" and the dance hall known as the "Big Pavilion" can be seen in the background on the shores of the…
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Front and back pages of Gay Chicago Magazine, Vol. VIII, No.26, and dated June 27, 1985. The front cover features an illustration of a shirtless man who appears to be running. The back cover features an advertisement for Kraeusening Old Style beer.
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Photograph featuring an outdoor party with a crowd full of people in Saugatuck-Douglas. A tall blond individual is balancing on the shoulders of another and surrounded by a crowd that appears to be mostly men. The party appears to be at a patio space…
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Photograph featuring a group of men on the back of a boat while enjoying a sunny day on the Kalamazoo River in Saugatuck, Michigan. The second man on the left has a large video camera on his shoulder and appears to be filming. Only two individuals in…
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Photograph of the Douglas Dunes bar located in Douglas, Michigan. The bar is seen at a time when empty without customers and an active nightlife.
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View of the Douglas Dunes Resort sign located on Blue Star Highway in Douglas, Michigan. The sign reads: "Douglas Dunes Resort and Motel" and "Cafe Sir Douglas. Food, Spirits, Fun." The street can be seen to the left and the sign is nestled among…
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Photograph of Douglas Dunes Resort showing a small one-story building with a teal roof and there is a car parked out front. The left side of the building has a sign which reads "The Dunes."
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Photograph of a blond man singing on stage during the Mr. Midwest 1985 competition at Douglas Dunes Resort. He is dressed completely in leather and his eyes are closed as he holds the mic with both hands.
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Photograph featuring a group of men at Douglas Dunes Resort, two of whom are shirtless and in the forefront of the picture. On the left is a person in drag with bright red blush and striking white foundation. The three gentleman in the back are in…
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Black and white interior page of Cruise entertainment publication featuring a photograph of recording artist Eartha Kitt at Douglas Dunes Resort in Douglas, Michigan. She is seen holding a bouquet of flowers and shaking hands with fans. The page also…
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