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A. C. K. Johnson on stoke and R. H. A. Green at the bow in a doubles event on a double-sculls boat. Shoreline with trees in the background.
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8-man crewboat in the water with a grassy shoreline in the background. H. E. Schumacher on stroke, H. C. Carlson on the bow, Bill Corbat on cox, with a crew of H. Templeman, W. J. McClure, R. E. Camfield, F. W. Grosspeter, R. R. Roberts, and O. N.…
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Unidentified 4-man crewboat in the water, with the cox position empty. In the foreground, two men standing on nearby dock. A shoreline with trees in the background.
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Unidentified 8-man crew with cox posing for portrait in front of a multi-storey house. All wearing matching "D" Tanks.
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In the background, three racing 8-crew boats, with open water in the foreground. Two X marks drawn in pencil beneath the boats.
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Portrait on black background of coach James Wray. Written on the back: "James Wray. Coach. Grand Rapids Boat + Canoe Club. Save and return to H. H. Conlon."
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8-man crew with cox on crewboat, racing in Chicago. Trees and a car on the shore in the background.
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A. C. Palm on stroke and F. H. Reichers at the bow in a doubles event in Chicago. Saved for Conlon
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Junior Four team in the water, T. Schmitt at the bow, T. Ferber on 2nd position, S. Brauch on 3rd, and E. Abbetmeier on stroke.
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R. H. A. Green in single event in Chicago with doubles boat in the water, and shoreline in the background. Saved for Conlon.
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Chas McQuewan, Oldest active Oarsmen in Grand Rapids, stands in front of spectatin crowd. Saved for Conlon.
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Grand Rapids Junior Four crew on the water, S. A. R. A. Peoria Lake. Photo found in dark brown scrapbook.
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