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Newspaper clipping about Peter and Adrianna Termaat's Courage to Care Award from the Anti-Defamation League.
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Newspaper clipping about Jacques Vergès, legal counsel to former SS officer Klaus Barbie.
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Newspaper article about David Mandel, a Jewish man who escaped from a Nazi prison march, eventually settling in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Go to Nazi-revival aangepakt door FBI item page

Dutch newspaper clipping about the resurgence of Nazi ideology in United States. In Dutch.
Go to Prins geroerd bij ontvangst Verzetskruis item page

Newspaper clipping about Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands bestowing the Resistance Rememberance Cross. In Dutch.
Go to D-Day Tien Jaar Geleden item page

Dutch newspaper featuring articles about World War II, the German Occupation, D-Day, and liberation. In Dutch.
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Program for an interfaith service of commemoration, including participants from Congregation Emanuel, Aquinas College Campus Ministry, Congregation Ahavas Israel, St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Grand Rapids Temple Youth, and United Synagogue Youth.…
Go to Zeehoeve family farm information item page

Informational flyer about the Zeehoeve farm in Netherlands. In Dutch.
Go to Dedication, 1988 item page

Program for the dedication at Avenue of the Righteous, Chicago.
Go to Commemorative Citizenship of the State of Israel item page

Commemorative Citizenship of the State of Israel, granted to Pieter and Adriana B. Termaat by the Yad Vashem Directorate and The Commission for the Righteous. In English and Hebrew
Go to Tired U.S. hands Israel to executioners item page

Op Ed clipping about U.S. foreign policy relating to Israel.
Go to What was World War II all about? item page

Newspaper clipping of Washington Post Writers Group article about World War II fiction and reality.
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