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Teaching certificate of Pieter N. Termaat. In Dutch.
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Life Enricher Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Peter Termaat by Rich DeVos, President of Amway Corporation
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Invitation to an Evening of Reflection and Tribute, including Courage and Care Awards to Pieter N. and Adriana B. Termaat, held at the Jewish Community Center on June 4, 1991.
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Royal Decision by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands to award the Resistence Memorial Cross to members of the 1940-1945 Foundation resistance group and others. In Dutch.
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Portrait photograph of Adriana Termaat (1879-1952), dauther of Aris Termaat (b. 1832) and Neeltje DeJong (b. 1847), taken by J. W. Besyn in Alkmaar, 1897.
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Photograph of the Schuurman family. Left to right: Adriana B., Cornelis, L. Schuurman-Hennipman, Lisje Schuurman, Jacob N. and Nicolaas P. J. Schuurman.
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Detailed instructions in the case of an evacuation for the town of Broek op Langendijk, North Holland, Netherlands, circa 1940. In Dutch.
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Work assignment to report to bridge near Heerhugowaard canal in Broek op Langedijk, North Holland, Netherlands with a spade, signed by the Mayor of Langedijk. The author also reminds the receiver of the order of serious penalties should they not…
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Bicycle registration of Pieter Termaat, signed by the Mayor of Langedijk. Termaat was given permission to keep his bicycle due to his position on the staff of the local air defense office. In Dutch.
Go to Neeltje Termaat (1886-1975) with two unidentified women, circa 1908 item page

Portrait of Neetlje Termaat (1886-1975) with two unidentified women, by J. Chrispijn. Neeltje was the unmarried daughter of Aris Termaat (b. 1832) and Neeltje De Jong (b. 1847).
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Program for the Congregation Ahavas Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Service, with poems and hymns in English and Hebrew.
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Pamphlet of blessings and prayers for mealtime by the Men's Club of Congregation Ahavas Israel, in English and Hebrew
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