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Address by Pieter N. Termaat, to the Congregation Ahavas Israel on National Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 10, 1983. Termaat's address is preceeded by a message from Dr. Jan H. Lubbers, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, also delivered…
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Address delivered by Berendina Erlich at the Remembrance Service on National Holocaust day in Congregation Ahavas Israel, Grand Rapids, Michigan on April 10, 1983
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Meditation delivered by Jacob D. Eppinga, Pastor of LaGrave Avenue Christian Church at the service of Thanksgiving and Praise, in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and His Royal Highness, Prince Claus, June 27, 1982, in honor of 200 years of…
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Poem about the Holocaust. In Dutch.
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Op Ed clipping about U.S. foreign policy relating to Israel.
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Newspaper clipping of photograph of Abraham Foxman and Gisele Feldman for the Jewish Foundation for Christian Rescuers.
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Newspaper clipping about U.S. denunciation of Yasir Arafat.
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Newspaper clipping about Peter and Adrianna Termaat's Courage to Care Award from the Anti-Defamation League.
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Newspaper clipping about Jacques Vergès, legal counsel to former SS officer Klaus Barbie.
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Newspaper article about David Mandel, a Jewish man who escaped from a Nazi prison march, eventually settling in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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Dutch newspaper article about Artie Bestebreurtje. In Dutch.
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Newspaper article photocopy from the Detroit Jewish News about the Yad Vashem Righteous Gentiles award.
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