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Photograph of an elderly woman standing in front of a white house, her face slightly obscured by the shade of a nearby tree. Circa 1960s
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Color slide of an older man holding a baby boy dressed in a blue jacket on the hood of a car.
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Scenic view painting of the beach, with forest and a house in the distance, circa 1920
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Pages from 1958 telephone directory for Saugatuck-Douglas
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Black and white photograph of an eldely couple on the occasion of their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They are wearing glasses, nice clothing, and smiles for the studio portrait. The back of the photograph reads: "Otto + Edith's 50th Wedding…
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Photograph depicts one woman with six children around her playing in the water. Slightly ahead of them is a little boy digging in the sand with a toy truck behind him. Circa 1960s
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Black and white photograph of a house which appears to be abandoned. The house is seen in wintertime with weathered wood siding. The close up angle appears to show that there is no glass within the window frames and no doors visible.
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An aerial shot of buildings and boats along the Kalamazoo River waterfront. The photograph is in black and white and framed by the neighboring trees. The back of the photograph has two stamped inscriptions which read: "Saugatuck-Douglas Chamber of…
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Postcard featuring an aerial view of Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan. The postcard depicts a series of parked cars in the parking lot, and while the beach has a smattering of individuals, it is not as busy as the number of cars would suggest. The…
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Black and white photograph of an aerial view of the Saugatuck-Douglas shoreline from what appears to be the summit of Mt. Baldhead. The picture features a beautiful view of where the Kalamazoo River and Lake Kalamazoo meet and the buildings along…
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Postcard showcasing an aerial view of Saugatuck, Michigan and the neighboring Kalamazoo River flowing to Lake Michigan. The majority of the land shown in the image is covered in forest and sand dunes are seen by the lakeshore. There is no handwriting…
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Black and white photograph of All Saints Episcopal Church blanketed with snow in Saugatuck, Michigan. The church is located on Grand Street in a wooded area close to downtown.
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