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One leaf from Opera by Priscianus and edited by Benedictus Brognolus. Printed in Venice by Philippus Pincius on June 20, 1492. [GW M35396; ISTC ip00969000]
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One leaf from Hortus sanitatis, printed in Strassburg by Johann Prüss not after October 21, 1497. [GW 13550; ISTC ih00487000]
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One leaf from Biblia latina, with additions by Menardus Monachus. Printed in Ulm by Johann Zainer on January 29, 1480. Illustrated on both sides. [GW 4242; ISTC ib00567000]
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One leaf from Rationale divinorum officiorum, edited by Johannes Aloisius Tuscanus. Printed in Rome by Georgius Lauer on October 16, 1477. [GW 9113; ISTC id00414000]
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One leaf from De censuris ecclesiasticis, sive de excommunicationibus, De sponsalibus et matrimonio, by Antoninus Florentinus. Printed in Venice by Johannes de Colonia and Johannes Manthen on September 23, 1474. Illustrated with red Lombard…
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One leaf from Dialogorum libri quattuor [German], Das buch der zwaÿer red mit ainander, by Pont. Max. Gregorius I and edited by Johannes von Speyer. Printed in Augsburg by Johann Bämler at the Monastery of SS. Ulrich and Afra in 1473. [GW 11405;…
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One leaf from Facta et dicta memorabilia by Gaius Valerius Maximus, with commentary by Oliverius Arzignanensis. Printed in Venice by Guilelmus Anima Mia, Tridinensis, on August 12, 1491. [GW M49170; ISTC iv00039000]
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One leaf from Rudimentum novitiorum, printed in Lübeck by Lucas Brandis on August 5, 1475. Illustrated with red rubricated initals. [GW M39062; ISTC ir00345000]
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One leaf from Historia naturalis [Italian] by Gaius Plinius Secundus and translated by Christophorus Landinus. Printed in Venice by Nicolaus Jenson in 1476. [GW M34342; ISTC ip00801000]
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One leaf from Repertorium iuris utriusque by Johannes Bertachinus. Printed in Lyons by Johannes Siber on June 23, 1499. Folium was used to bind Aegidies [A113]. [GW 4159; ISTC ib00501000]
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One leaf from Biblia [German], printed in Nuremberg by Anton Koberger on February 17, 1483. Illustrated with red and blue rubricated initials. Folium was used to bind Barnasoles Claravallensis [A44]. [GW 4303; ISTC ib00632000]
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One leaf from Summa theologica by Antoninus Florentinus. Printed in Nuremberg by Anton Koberger in 1477-1479. Illustrated with red rubricated initials. [GW 2186; ISTC ia00871000]
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