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Folium M4 from Supplementum chronicarum printed in Brescia by Coninus de Boninis de Ragusia, 1 Dec. 1485. [GWM10965]
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Folim 189a-j from Stultifera navis printed in Basel by Johann Bergmann, de Olpe, 1 Aug. 1497.  Illustrated with woodcuts. Bound. [GW5061]
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Folium from Moralia, printed in Florence by Nicolaus Laurentii, Alamanus on 15 June 1486. [ISTC ig00435000]
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Folim ? from Pantheologia, sive Summa Universae theologiae, printed in Nuremberg by Johan Sensenschmidt and Heinrich Kefer on 8 Apr. 1473. Illustrated with red rubricated initials. [ir0005000]
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Folium h6 from Confessionale: Defecerunt scrutantes scrutinio, printed in Memmingen by Albrecht Kunne in 1483. Illustrated with red rubricated initials. {ia00811000]
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Four leaves by Justinian I, Emperor of the East. From Instituta cum diusionibus et summarijs printed in Venice by Johannes Hamman, for Octavianus Scotus, 7 August 1494. Illustrated with red rubricated initials. [ISTC ij00536000]
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Leaves 1 and 2 by Duranti, Guillelmus from Rationale Divinorum Officiorum. Printed in Venice by Hermannus Liechtenstein in 1480. Illustrated with red and blue rubicated initials. [ISTC id00423000]
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One leaf by Robertus Caracciolus. Printed in Reutlingen by Michael Greyff, ca. 1492. [ISTC ic00151000]
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One leaf by Higden, Ranulphus. Illustrated with red rubricated initials.Printed in Westminster by William Caxton in 1482. [ISTC ih00267000]
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Nuremberg : Johann Sensenschmidt, c1482. Letter of indulgence for promoting the war against the Turks. Major fragment containing 18 of 21 lines. Broadside. [ISTC cik00008200, GW M16234]
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Folium from Summa theologiae: Pars secunda: secunda pars printed in Rome by Ulrich Han, 1 Oct. 1474. Bottom of page with text is cut off. [GWM46488]
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Folium 126 from Summa confessorum printed in Ulm by Conrad Dinckmut, 12 Nov. 1484. Typed identification on recto. [GW2070]
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