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Memoir by Pieter and Adriana Termaat about the Dutch Resistance movement and the night their house was raided by the Gestapo while Pieter, who was wanted for arrest, escaped to a nearby farm.
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Notes by Pieter N. Termaat about anti-semitism, occupation, resistance, and cooperation.
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Notes by Pieter N. Termaat about the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation.
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Memoir by Pieter N. Termaat of the Nazi Occupation of the Netherlands during World War II.
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Essay by Pieter Termaat describing the economic conditions in the Netherlands during the Nazi Occupation.
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Dutch newspaper article about Artie Bestebreurtje. In Dutch.
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Newspaper clipping about members of the Dutch resistance movement living in Grand Rapids.
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Dutch newspaper featuring articles about World War II, the German Occupation, D-Day, and liberation. In Dutch.
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Front page, above the fold of the daily newspaper of Noord-Holland, Netherlands of Tuesday, 21 July 1942. In Dutch
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Map of the Netherlands annotated by Pieter Termaat, and notes from Termaat documenting the starvation conditions during the Nazi occupation, and locations of farms visited to acquire food.
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Two letters from M. A. Marbus to Pieter and Adriana Termaat relating to the political and social conditions in the Netherlands before and during World War II. In Dutch.
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Booklet commemorating the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation in World War II.
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