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Colette Seguin-Beighley was born in Oakland, California. She attended California State University, Haworth. She is a liscensed counsoler in California and Michigan. She discusses her activism with the Grand Valley State University LGBT Resource…
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Debra Sawinski discusses how she started the first all girls track team at her high school and the struggles that came along with in.
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Esiloza Omoh was born in Legos, Nigeria, raised in Chicago, Illinois, and attended Grand Valley State University. She graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science. She discusses her experiences with discrimination because of the color of her skin.
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Mirta McGee was born in Cuba and raised in the United States. She is currently an elementary school Spanish teacher. She discusses balancing Cuban culture with American culture, discrimination based on language barriers, and the differences between…
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Christina McAllister grew up in Lowell, Michigan. She was raised in a Christian home. She discusses her interracial relationship.
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Fabiola Jimenez, a Colombian woman who has been living in East Michigan since 1994. She discusses how she feels as though she was never discriminated against because of her race.
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Helen Grahius was born and raised in Haren, Groningen, Netherlands. Later in life, she moved to West Michigan to be with her siblings. She discusses her life in the Netherlands and in the United States.
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Kadi DeHaan was in a car accident when she was in high school. She lost feelings and use of her legs. She has been in rehabilitationand is learning muscle memory. She is in great progress toward her goal of walking again. She discusses her accident…
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Susan Peeler discusses her experiences growing up and how they have affected the way she prejudges people.
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