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Go to Miss Representation Film Screening item page

Flyer describing three film showings of Miss Representation, a film that explores media representation of women.
Go to In Our Own Words: A Journal About Women item page

Flyer asking students to enter articles, short fiction, poetry, and personal reflections for the ten year anniversary of the GVSU Women's Center.
Go to Women's Rock Climbing Class item page

Flyer inviting students to women's rock climbing classes.
Go to Her Story: Shatter myths about women in leadership positions item page

Two paged flyer inviting students to come to events where women in leadership positions at GVSU share their experiences.
Go to Athena College Leadership Initiative item page

Flyer detailing information for an Athena leadership seminar for students to meet and share experiences with women leaders.
Go to 10th Annual Art Reception item page

Two sided flyer detailing several women artists whose art will be featured at an art reception.
Go to GVSU Women's Commission 2010-2011 item page

Two sided flyer detailing the Women's Commission meetings for the 2010/11 school year and the different programs that the commission runs.
Go to GVSU Women's Commission Fireside Chats 2010/11 item page

Flyer detailing dates and themes for the Women's Commission fireside chats during the 2010/11 school year.
Go to Oars item page

Black and white photograph of a group of eight women in a rowboat. Each has a long oar. In the boat next to them are several men.
Go to Portrait of a Woman at Mt. Baldhead item page

Black and white photograph of a woman in a white dress and white hat sitting on the sand at what appears to be the summit of Mt. Baldhead in Saugatuck, Michigan. She is stylishly posed with a view overlooking the trees, the water, and the towns of…
Go to Winne Mac Smiling on the Beach item page

Photograph of a woman identified as Winne Mac sitting on a large stump on the beach, her legs crossed while smiling brightly at the photographer. The photograph appears to be taken at dusk as there is a pink tint to the lighting that adds to the…
Go to Young woman standing on a road leading to Lake Michigan item page

Photograph of a solitary woman standing on a road with Lake Michigan in the distance. The photograph is in black and white and she is holding a purse while wearing her summer attire.
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