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Go to Women and Gender Studes and The Women's Center in Cape Town item page

Two-paged flyer with details on a faculty-led Women and Gender Studies abroad program in South Africa.
Go to Women's Center: Celebrating Ten Years, 2001-2011 item page

Booklet of information on the Women's Center and the accomplishments in their 10 years of being open.
Go to Celebrating Ten Years of the Women's Center item page

Letter addressed to the community talking about the 10 years of the Women's Center.
Go to Women & the Environment  item page

Poster with information on the events.
Go to WGS Workshops! item page

Poster with information on the two workshops being offered for WGS students
Go to WCC Showcase & Breakfast item page

Event pamphlet for the Women's Community Collaborative showcase and breakfast. Includes order of speeches, and names of winners. Date is approximate, according to location found in archive binder.
Go to Triota Senior Night 2018 item page

Poster inviting people to come celebrate the WGS department's graduating seniors.
Go to A Celebration for the Jean Enright Scholarship item page

Pamphlet with the past winners of the Jean Enright Scholarship. Includes a list of people who attended the celebration.
Go to Triota Honor Society Interest Meeting item page

Flyer with information on the info session about joining Triota.
Go to Study Abroad South Africa: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies item page

Information sheets on the study abroad trip offered to South Africa in 2018.
Go to Unpack Here item page

Flyer with information on the informational sessions to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa.
Go to Alex Jenny Keynote Presentation item page

Keynote for Sexual Assault Awareness Week. Information on speaker, location, time and place of keynote included.
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