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Signed response from Abraham Lincoln to the request for an autograph, July 10, 1860
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Letter from Edwin Booth, brother of John Wilkes Booth, declining an interview.
Go to C.H. West from E.C. Fowler item page

Letter from Fowler to his uncle discussing political appointments in Baltimore. Letter mentions Fowler's meeting with Abraham Lincoln shortly after his inauguration with a delegation from Baltimore.
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Certificate from the New York Board of Enrollment exempting Marshall Cynes from military duty and replacing him with substitute Frederick Artz, according to the Enrollment Act of 1863.
Go to David S. Gooding from William H. Seward item page

Cover letter to U.S. Marshal from the Dept. of State accompanying the warrant for President Andrew Johnson's pardon of James Evans. Warrant is not included.
Go to Edwin M. Stanton from Simon Cameron item page

Letter from former Secretary of War Simon Cameron requesting Stanton's assistance in helping to prove his innocence against charges of fraud via mutilation of treasury bills, in relation to the purchasing of arms.
Go to Essay on Abraham Lincoln by Norman D. Sampson item page

Essay on the legacy of Abraham Lincoln written by an admirer.
Go to J. Elfreth Watkins from Robert Todd Lincoln item page

Letter from Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, politely refusing to express an opinion in print.
Go to James K. Polk from Edwin M. Stanton item page

Letter to President James K. Polk from future Lincoln Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton recommending Rev. John Scott for Chaplain of the Navy.
Go to Joseph Robinson from Caleb B. Smith item page

Letter from the Secretary of the Interior discussing rental of rooms in the Baltimore court house.
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Note from Edward Bates, US Attorney General under Abraham Lincoln from 1861 to 1864. "Sir, Coming home, after an absence of six weeks, I find your letter of July 11. It is dated only at "Hartford" the poststamp, as usual, is illegible, so I direct…
Go to Letter to Caleb B. Smith from Wm. P. Fessenden recommending Mr. John E. Sherman item page

Letter to Secretary of the Interior, Caleb B. Smith from U.S. Senator from Maine, William P. Fessenden recommending Mr. John E. Sherman for a clerkship.
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