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Go to Nathan Sargent from Charles Francis Adams, November 28, 1868 item page

Note from the son of John Quincy Adams thanking Nathan Sargent for correcting an error in the Washington Chronicle claiming that his father retained opponents while in office.
Go to Nathan Sargent from Daniel Dewey Barnard, October 31, 1855 item page

Letter in support of Sargent's plan to reach a settlement on slavery. Barnard sees the best chance of maintaining the Union to be a national Whig party.
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Note from Edward Bates, US Attorney General under Abraham Lincoln from 1861 to 1864. "Sir, Coming home, after an absence of six weeks, I find your letter of July 11. It is dated only at "Hartford" the poststamp, as usual, is illegible, so I direct…
Go to Nathan Sargent from John Macpherson Berrien, October 18, 1848 item page

Letter discussing strategy for the 1856 election between Zachary Taylor and Lewis Cass. Attention is also given to the expected congressional gains for the Whig party.
Go to C.C. Ruthranoff from Edwin Booth item page

Letter from Edwin Booth, brother of John Wilkes Booth, declining an interview.
Go to Nathan Sargent petition and letter of recommendation for Commissioner of Customs, October 9, 1844 item page

Letter of support dated October 9, 1844 from government officials recommending Nathan Sargent retain his position as Commissioner of Customs.
Go to Nathan Sargent recommendation. George S. Boutwell from George E. Spencer item page

Letter of recommendation for Nathan Sargent, expressing the opinion that Sargent not be removed from the office of Commissioner of Customs.
Go to Nathan Sargent from Benjamin F. Butler, November 11, 1874 item page

Letter regarding Butler's treatment by the press.
Go to Edwin M. Stanton from Simon Cameron item page

Letter from former Secretary of War Simon Cameron requesting Stanton's assistance in helping to prove his innocence against charges of fraud via mutilation of treasury bills, in relation to the purchasing of arms.
Go to Nathan Sargent from Salmon P. Chase, October 24, 1870 item page

Letter regarding Chase's opinion of Congress's power to coin currency other than gold and silver.
Go to Nathan Sargent from Salmon P. Chase, February 20, 1867 item page

Invitation to dinner from Salmon P. Chase to Nathan Sargent.
Go to Nathan Sargent from Salmon P. Chase, [date of publication not identified] item page

Letter from Salmon P. Chase discussing a Mr. Brown.
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