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Volume ninety-six and issue thirty-one of the community newspaper, The Commercial Record, serving Saugatuck-Douglas since 1869. The newspaper is dated ast Thursday, July 30, 1964 and has a variety of articles covering the winners of Venetian Events…
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Photograph of the Red Barn Theatre on a summer's day. The entrance has a small promotional sign near it and the pathway to the door is lined with rocks.
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Photograph of a trio of young people bent over and appearing to assemble doors in front of the Red Barn Theatre entrance. The picture is in black and white and the trio consists of one woman and two men. The handwriting on the back of the photograph…
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Photograph of a community theater production being set up with young people working on set design and practicing acting. The young people on the left are working on the wall decor and the couple to the right of the frame appear to be practicing a…
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Postcard of the Red Barn Theatre located in Saugatuck, Michigan featuring the iconic large red barn and staircase entrances. The back of the postcard is blank but features a caption in the upper left hand corner: "Red Barn Theater. Saugatuck,…
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