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Go to GV student playing tennis item page

A female Grand Valley student playing tennis.
Go to Lubbers Stadium. Marching Band performance item page

GVSU Marching Band performing to a crowd at Lubbers Stadium.
Go to Basketball Tip-off item page

Students compete for the ball at the beginning of an intramural basketball game.
Go to Intramural basketball jump shot item page

A group of students playing intramural basketball with one student going up for a jump shot.
Go to GVSU Wrestlers in clinch item page

A GVSU wrestler fights the hands of his opponent in the clinch.
Go to Lubbers Stadium. Crowd at football game item page

Crowd gathered in the bleachers during a football game at Lubbers Stadium.
Go to College administrators holding a racing shell item page

College administrators pose with a racing shell, alongside the official Grand Valley State College bus.
Go to Dedication of new rowing shell item page

Dedication ceremony for the rowing shell "Pat Manning."
Go to Western Union Telegram from Zumberge and Seidman item page

Telegram sent by President Zumberge and Bill Seidman regarding the first GVSC basketball game.
Go to ESI class playing field hockey item page

ESI Special Education class playing field hockey on Allendale campus, with a Grandville school bus in the background.
Go to Laker football team with NCAA trophy item page

NCAA winning Laker football team with trophy.
Go to Crew Practice, circa 1960s item page

GVSC Crew Practice. This black and white video shows footage of the GVSC crew team practicing on the river. The teams are shot from multiple angles they row in the water. Comments from the captain/coach can be heard on camera.
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