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Postcard message says: "Dear Everybody: I have been in Saugatuck for a week now am writing in Grand Rapids. Have had [illegible] a grand time. Will write again- Walter," circa 1915
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Postcard message says: "I wish you many happy [illegible] this day tell Mother hello for me tell Ben hello Saved 4 [illegible] With love Jay"
Go to Photograph of A.H. Palor Sr. and Elizabeth T. Palor, circa 1931 item page

Photograph of A.H. Palor Sr. and Elizabeth T. Palor sitting on lawn chairs with Greta at their feet. Verso: Lists the details of individuals in the picture, alongside a potential date. "Probably late '31 or '32"
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In the forefront are two trees, in the background there is a white house peeking out from between the two
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Photograph of Marth, Berley, and Sandy on the Beach. Verso: inscription reads: "Marth, Berley 8 years, and Sandy. 1929 Sandy 5, pex"
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Photograph of a group of four children on the beach surrounding a dog. Verso: inscription reads "Barhee, Joan, and Belsy with Handy." Circa 1930
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A group of people, one adult and the rest children, are in a circle on the beach. Verso: inscription reads "L-R Esther, Joan, Joyce (with back to camera-) Mary, Jane Cuthbert." Circa 1930
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Two photographs. In the top image, five young women pose around a car
Go to Old School House, Saugatuck, January 1981 item page

An older woman stands in the doorframe of The Old School House in Saugatuck, she is wearing a pink dress and there is snow covering the front yard.
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Photograph of a woman digging a trench on a beach, there can be seen individuals in the background
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A couple is sitting on some stairs in the foreground, slightly ahead of them is their golden retriever who is walking up, circa 1990s
Go to 1958 Saugatuck-Douglas telephone directory item page

Pages from 1958 telephone directory for Saugatuck-Douglas
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