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Photograph of an elderly woman standing in front of a white house, her face slightly obscured by the shade of a nearby tree. Circa 1960s
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Color slide of an older man holding a baby boy dressed in a blue jacket on the hood of a car.
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Black and white photograph of an outdoor pottery studio at Ox-Bow "Summer School of Painting" in Saugatuck, Michigan. In the photograph, a woman wearing a summer dress is walking outside the studio nestled in the woods. The name "Old Smokey" is…
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Scenic view painting of the beach, with forest and a house in the distance, circa 1920
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An advertisement for the 1980 Red Barn Theatre Music Carnival that includes the plot synopses of The Great American Backstage Musical, Tuscaloosa's Calling Me, but I'm Not Going, and Whispers on the Wind, which would all be performed during the…
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A scan of two photos stacked on top of each other that is labeled “109 Lakeshore Dr.” The top image is of an enclosed porch or sunroom with various patio furniture. The second is a taken down the hallway from what appears to be the dining room of the…
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Pages from 1958 telephone directory for Saugatuck-Douglas
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A red and white advertisement for the Red Barn Theatre that includes an order form fot season tickets for the Red Barn Theatre. It also has a map that describes how to get to Saugatuck. 1976 is handwritten in a white box in the lower right.
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A three panel pamphlet for the Gilbert & Sulivan Festival of Western Michigan, which occured from June 12 to July 1, 1979 at the Red Barn Theatre in Saugatuck. It includes a schedule of events, a map to locate Saugatuck, and a photo of an actor who…
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A newspaper article from the Holland Sentinel titled "5 Things You Should Know About the Red Barn Theater," written by Jim Hayden to honor the theater's 100th anniversary. It includes several facts about the building and its history. It also has a…
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A full color advertisement for the Red Barn Playhouse that celebrates "50 Years of Applause." It includes information about the shows to be performed during the Summer Season of 1998. It also includes two photos of the Red Barn.
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A black and white photo of the cast of the 63rd Street's production of Oklahoma. The caption of the photo includes information on show dates and how to acquire tickets for the show.
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