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Jean Arnold describes growing up Douglas with many memories of various jobs she held as a teenager. She also describes her encounters with the LGBT community in the 70's
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Neil Atherton grew up in Illinois near Milwaukee and came to Saugatuck in the early 1980s. He and his partner Jim Yarro operated the gift shop Hoopdee Scootee from 1982 to 2016. In this interview, Atherton reminisces about Hoopdee Scootee, creative…
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A black and white photo of the theater group, the Oxbows, from Wayne State University. There are ten individuals depicted, all in various costumes. One holds a baby.
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The back side of "Oxbow Summer 1966." It lists all of the names from right to left of the individuals depicted in the phot and descriptions of them, all written in blue pen. In the bottom right, Oxbow 1966 Summer is written in red pen.
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A brochure for the Saugatuck-Douglas Museum 2010 Exhibition, "A Place Called Ox-Bow." The brochure describes the exhibit and also gives the location, admission cost and dates of the exhibition.
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A scan of a newspaper article written about the Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Societey Tuesday Talk that was put on to provide "[a]n intimate look Ox-Bow during the mid-1960s and '70s."
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Front of the postcard of individuals fishing on the pier in Saugatuck, Michigan
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Front of the Between Bridges postcard depicting a road with trees on either side, circa 1910
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Two children are sitting in a horse-drawn carriage infront of a house, circa 1910
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Postcard of Hotel Butler, a young women can be seen sitting on the front porchcirca 1920
Go to "Summer School of Painting," Old Harbor, Saugatuck, Mich. postcard item page

Scenic view painting of the beach, with forest and a house in the distance, circa 1920
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Postcard of a scenic road in the midst of forest, circa 1920
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