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Jean Arnold describes growing up Douglas with many memories of various jobs she held as a teenager. She also describes her encounters with the LGBT community in the 70's
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Photograph of a trio of people standing in shallow water next to their sailboat with "The Gold Bug" written at the bottom of the picture. Two individuals are bent over reaching into the sailboat, while another stands off to the side with their foot…
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Black and white photograph of a couple sailing upon a small sailboat in Saugatuck. The writing at the bottom of the photograph reads "Tuckers Boat" and the dance hall known as the "Big Pavilion" can be seen in the background on the shores of the…
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Series of four postcards highlighting the natural beauty found in Saugatuck-Douglas, Michigan. The postcards feature the Big Pavilion on the riverfront, the Saugatuck Country Club, a yacht approaching the Saugatuck harbor, and Lake Shore Drive in…
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Jane Underwood's grandparents and father came to Saugatuck during the summertime. They stayed in a hotel in Macatawa before buying property in Saugatuck. In this interview, Jane reflects on her own experiences summering and sailing in the area and…
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