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Douglas police officers Laurence Monique and Jack Wicks leaning on their police cruiser in August 1953.
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Damaged photograph of a Douglas Police officer leaning on his police cruiser.
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Two unidentified Douglas Police officers leaning on a patrol car in October 1958.
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Unidentified Douglas Police officer in profile in October 1958.
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A black and white photo of a police officer and a young girl who stands next to him. They are both in front of a car. There is faint text written across the car, but it is illegible.
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A black and white photo of a man in a police hat who looks just past the camera. He stands in front of a car with the liscence plate "HV-8812." There is an IGA sign in the background.
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A photo of a group of people surrounding a platform of several individuals who wear hats. In the back, there is a truck with a ladder, and in the front of the picture, there is a woman in a car and a police officer.
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