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Kevin Ferrera grew up in central Pennsylvania and returned there after spending 20 years in the military. Kevin discusses his work exposure to PFAS through firefighting foam used on air force bases.
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Stacy Gardner moved to the Plainfield Township area, north of Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2015 after completing her military service. In the interview, she discusses the fairly low PFAS levels found in the well water at her home.
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Personal essay by Bryan Goodman discussing the impact of PFAS on his family and fertility.
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Loreen Hacket lives in Hoosick Falls, New York. Loreen learned of the PFAS contamination in the area in 2014 and soon linked her own health problems to it. The PFAS in Hoosick Falls has been linked to Teflon, which opened its first factory in the…
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Abby Hendershott is originally from Bay City, Michigan and now lives in Rockford, Michigan. In this interview, Abby discusses her work as a District Supervisor in relation to the PFAS water contamination at former Wolverine dumping sites.
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Elaine Isely is the Director of Water Programs at the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC). She grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, but has been a resident of Grand Rapids for more than 20 years. In her interview she discusses …
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Gail Mancewicz lives in Rockford, Michigan. In this interview, Mancewicz discusses the demolition of the old Wolverine tannery and the environmental and public health impact on the community.
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Sue and Mark Scott lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan for many years before moving to South Haven, Michigan. In their interview, they discuss their knowledge of the groundwater contamination in Kalamazoo and its effects on their health and community.
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Beth Markesino lives in Wilmington, North Carolina and is an avid runner. In her interview, she discusses the impact PFAS contamination has had on her life and health, and that of her son Samuel.
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Lynn McIntosh grew up on the east coast but has lived in Rockford, Michigan for about 30 years. Lynn noticed foam and filmy substance in the river in about 2010, and began taking photos of the contamination. In this interview, McIntosh discusses her…
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Tobyn McNaughton was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and now lives in Belmont, Michigan. In this interview, Tobyn discusses how the McNaughton family learned about the PFAS present in their home's well water in 2017 and the impact it has…
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Peggy Merrill moved to the Grand Rapids area since the 1990s. In this interview, she discusses the discovery of PFAS in the water at the home of her brother, who passed away from liver cancer in 2017.
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