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Black and white photograph of a couple sailing upon a small sailboat in Saugatuck. The writing at the bottom of the photograph reads "Tuckers Boat" and the dance hall known as the "Big Pavilion" can be seen in the background on the shores of the…
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A black and white photo of three men and a woman that are all dressed professionally who are seated around a table with trophies on it. The woman smiles and the man in the suit appears to be writing something down while the man next to him watches.…
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Photograph of an elderly woman and two boys sitting on towels at the bach. The woman is under a beach umbrella, wearing a black hat and sunglasses. She is looking to her right at two boys who are sitting attentively. Circa 1980s
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Photograph of three gentleman gathered around a bright red table on a dock while watching something out on the water. The man seated on the left has what appears to be an old fashioned megaphone and the one seated on the right is looking through…
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Travis shares memories of Saugatuck from the 1950s, '60s, and '70s.
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The second part of his interview, Tom Fosdick describes his experiences with the school system and playing sports. He also discusses summer jobs, cross-state school trips, and his family and their role as school janitors. He also explores changes to…
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The first part of a longer interview, Tom Fosdick discusses early memories about the Saugatuck-Douglas area. He describes his time at the Old Schoolhouse and playing with his friends on the school properties.
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Three young women sitting on the trunk of a car parked at Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan. Two women are wearing large sunglasses, while the woman with her hair in pigtails has hers perched on her forehead. They are smiling at the camera and the…
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Photograph of three women posing on an outdoor staircase on Mt. Baldhead. Circa 1950s
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Black and white photo of three teams of rowboats. Each boat has several people in it, each with their own ore. In the front boat, a man sits on the helm, and in the back boat, there is someone standing.
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Photograph of three young men at Oval Beach who appear very blurry due to the picture being out of focus. A lifeguard tower is in the background and the man in the middle is holding a camera. The handwriting on the back of the photograph reads:…
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Photograph of a trio of people standing in shallow water next to their sailboat with "The Gold Bug" written at the bottom of the picture. Two individuals are bent over reaching into the sailboat, while another stands off to the side with their foot…
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