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Central state champions in Chicago, 8-oar crew on the water. A. C. K. Johnson on stroke, L. Lineau on 7th position, J. Culver on 6th, H. Templeman on 5th, O. W. Crane on 4th, K. McKennon on 3rd, T. London on 2nd, N. M. C. Olsen at the bow, and…
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Photograph of sisters Esther Paton Eddy and Barbara Paton Eddy and another lady before their climb up Mt. Baldhead.
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Full-sized sheet of paper, pencil script. At the top, crossed out, "Members of first crew to win race for," underneath that, "A four out for a spin - Herbert Conlon, Ernst Conlon, McQuewan, Corbet."
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Postcard featuring an aerial view of Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan. The postcard depicts a series of parked cars in the parking lot, and while the beach has a smattering of individuals, it is not as busy as the number of cars would suggest. The…
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Al Weener describes his connections to West Michigan as well as his time as a fisherman in Saugatuck
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Anne Corlett describes her experiences as a summer cottage resident during the 60s and 70s. She recounts her experiences of the beaches, her connection to the arts and Oxbow, as well as her various experiences with the LGBT community.
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Boats racing on the water as a crowd, in the foreground, looks on. Found in dark brown scrapbook.
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Barbara Kiszonas grew up on the South side of Chicago but shares memories of spending summers in Saugatuck-Douglas as a camper and as a camp councilor.
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Photograph of Barbara telling stories while David Woods and John Chase sitting on towels at the beach listening attentively. The woman is under a beach umbrella, wearing a black hat and sunglasses.
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Photograph of Barbara Paton Eddy with her brother-in-law Ben. Barbara is wearing a dark blue swimsuit and conical straw hat.
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Photograph of Barbara in a straw hat and sundress looking down at the camera from wooden steps going toe the Eddy cottage.
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A Barbara in a bathing suit and large straw hat stands in tall grass overlooking the lake at the Eddy Cottage on Lakeshore Drive. Circa 1960s
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