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Photograph of a group at the beach. There are two women with a group of about six small children standing at the edge of the water facing the camera. In the foreground seven adults are seated in the sand facing the water. Circa 1960s
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Photograph of three women posing on an outdoor staircase on Mt. Baldhead. Circa 1950s
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Photograph of a holding hands while walking along a pier away from a lighthouse in the background, glancing down to the left. The sail of a boat in the background is obscured by fog. Circa 1960s
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Photograph of two women lying down on beach towels sunbathing. Circa 1990s
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Photograph of an elderly woman and two boys sitting on towels at the bach. The woman is under a beach umbrella, wearing a black hat and sunglasses. She is looking to her right at two boys who are sitting attentively. Circa 1980s
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Photograph of a group of five adults and four children on the beach. Most ar sitting in the sand but one child is standing on a black innertube. The picture has a yellow tint due to aging. Circa 1960s
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Photograph of a group of nine sitting on the beach, five of whom are adults. The group is close to the shoreline and one of the children is standing inside of a tire. The photograph is aged and has yellow discoloration on the bottom left corner.…
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Photograph of a group of people having a cook-out. There are several tables set out, as well as lawn chairs, and everyone is in conversation. Circa 1960s
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Photographo of large group of people are on the beach near a small sand dune, with is a red building in the distance. In the foreground a small child is walking toward the camera with his face turned to the right. The group is surrounded by picnic…
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A woman in a bathing suit and large straw hat stands in tall grass overlooking the lake. The color of the water is a blue-green and the grass and shrubbery around her is a vibrant green. Circa 1960s
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Photograph is of a group of four, one adult woman is centered in the picture and she is hugging three children wearing purple uniforms with a "Lansing Parks and Rec" logo. Two of the children hold soccer balls. Circa 1990s
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Photograph of a group of boys and girls in purple soccer uniforms with "Lansing Parks and Rec" logos posing with their coaches in front of a soccer goal. Circa 1990s
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